Process & Policy


All too often business owners get caught up in the little stuff and end up working in their business and not working on their business. To be a successful business it’s important that you work on your business and this means you must have a handle on what you do and how you do it.

It is equally important to understand why you do it so you can consistently improve your business workflow and efficiencies. Naturally this means your teams need to have this knowledge too because then you can empower them to do the work efficiently for you. And this means you’ll be freed up more to work on your business.


EM Business Consultants Now will work with you and your teams to map out and document the various processes that underpin your business. We do this by focusing on the work rather than on job titles or hierarchy. Through effective process mapping we capture all stages of each function and eliminate costly and unnecessary duplication or even triplication across several areas.



Policies are crucial for your business as they help to strengthen and define the standards expected of your employees and of your business. Policies will help you manage your people more effectively as they define what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace. Policies should form part of your people’s employment contract and should be provided to them in a handbook.


Well-written company policies aim to help your business in many ways.  Policies will demonstrate that your business is being operated in an efficient and business-like manner, raise stability and ensure consistency in the decision-making and operational procedures.


Policies can be beneficial in assisting you to defend yourself in unfair dismissal claims, OHS prosecution or liability claims.


EM Business Consultants Now will review your current policies (if you have them) and modernise them to today’s standards. If you don’t have policies, we will create them for you.


We will then assist you in rolling them out to your people.


Once your policies are in place, we will provide you the tools to maintain them so they stay relevant, fresh and up to date.

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